Louisiana Grills our Official Pellet Grill for the WFC

lousinia grills MiM 2014

All of you that follow the team know that our primary workhorse for the long overnight cooking is the Louisiana Super Hog CS3500 pellet cooker and what a job it does. We can produce quality and championship whole hogs or run an entire 4 meat competition on a single unit.

Mike with many..many racks of ribs

Mike with many..many racks of ribs

A very versatile machine that jumps from competition to catering, where we can punch out 300 lbs of pulled pork or 58 racks of ribs at a time. Imagine what you can do with two or three of these cookers and welcome to my world.  We were able to do 3000 samples at one event, and fed 1,500 meals at another,  and not to be under estimated each cooker can do a 150 pound hog.

While a little out of grasp the regular back yard guy these cookers also have their problems when traveling, Just so darn hard to check into the luggage limits for our flights down to Vegas for the World Food Championship.

LG 900 Series Cooker

LG 900 Series Cooker

So a special thanks to Louisiana Grills for setting us up with three brand new LG 900 grills.  While this will be a new cooker for me the guys at the manufacturer assure me that they are just as effective as my big boys.  Installed with a digital controller it also boasts a built in meat probe and a sizable 633 sq inches of cook space (not including the upper racks)

So while these new cookers are half the size of my super hogs they look to be the full 100 % effectiveness of my championship cookers and maybe a little bit more.  I am getting very excited to get to work on these new line of pellet cookers.

So a week before the World Food Championship as I order our briskets and premium pork,  I can take a little breather to know that we have these cookers at our side at another world championship cook.

We would like to thank Danson’s – the manufacturer of  Louisiana Grills – for all their help in setting us up with the smokers we need to compete in the World Food Championships!

Thanks Danson’s from all of Team Canada






Mike Callaghan
Mike Callaghan is the Team Canada BBQ Director, a Pitmaster on his own team The Black Pig BBQ Mike provided his leadership, skills and experience for the team and their international program

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