Competition BBQ Class

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to compete in a 4 meat pro BBQ competition but don’t have the time, cookers or cash to make that big leap?

Our first place tomato sauce win

Our first place tomato sauce win

Now is your chance to learn from the Canadian National BBQ Team. Team Canada BBQ is offering a 4 meat competition BBQ class April 11th & 12th in London, Ontario. The class will run on a competition schedule; prepping meat, cooking and professional completion  turn in times. The class will teach how to light and control several types of smokers including; WSMs, Primo Grills, Louisina Grills and offset smokers.  This hands on class will provide amateur BBQers with experience to prepare all competition worthy meats (pork, ribs, brisket and chicken) run smokers over night, and learn tips and tricks from pit master Mike Callaghan and the Team Canada Crew. Topics such as injections, sauces, rubs and discussions on the ever controversial phosphates and meat glue will all be disclosed in this 2 day class.

Hard at work

Hard at work

Potluck luck dinner Saturday night, with a lite breakfast Sunday morning plus left overs for you to take home. The cost of the class is $400 per couple/pair (single person prices upon request).  We are only taking 8 students for this class so register ASAP!

For more information or to register please contact

Mike Callaghan at

Chef Sean Vodden
Sean Vodden is the BBQ Chef for Team Canada BBQ, and one half of Uncle Richie's Hillbilly BBQ. Mixing BBQ with fine dinning is a true passion of Sean's.

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