Cottage Rolls – Devine Swine

Cottage Roll is Another Great Comfort Food So Simple, So Good.

Is the pig just the prefect animal for domesticated food supply? You bet! While beef is the king of steak, pork is the emperor of curing.

I got to thinking about my childhood and the simple meals that my Mom used to make. Her cottage roll lasted for three meals, the main meal, fried ham the next morning and the pièce de résistance “pea soup” from the broth and trimmings. I’m not sure it was the healthiest thing for you but boy was it good.

ML Cottage rollCottage Roll is a Canadian favorite and has been around for years. I have seen reference to it back to the mid-forties but very little history about it on the internet. It shares the same status of pea-meal bacon. The cure recipe is near the same as well as its regional popularity.

My mother used to buy the little commercial boneless roast and boil it for two to three hours just slightly covered in a large pot of water [internal to 165(f)]. The last hour she would throw in potatoes to cook in the salty broth, and mmm, mmm was it ever tasty.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA If you cannot find one in your butcher counter you can cure one yourself. Use our Peameal Bacon Cure and, substitute a boneless picnic roast (the bottom half of the shoulder). Remember to use a net or tie it really well.

There are many approaches to take to cook this little morsel of pickled swine, but I prefer the classic-boil in water, adding the potatoes in the last hour. Pair with your favourite autumn vegetables.  As mentioned above, leftovers can be pan fried the next day, with some eggs and home fries.  This is classic comfort food that is best served twice.


Mike Callaghan
Mike Callaghan is the Team Canada BBQ Director, a Pitmaster on his own team The Black Pig BBQ Mike provided his leadership, skills and experience for the team and their international program

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