The road to the World Food Championship is paved with cheese

Cheese is a wonderful ingredient for any Chef to use. From hard parmesans to soft and creamy brie. Cheese is an extremely versatile ingredient, and last year at the World Food Championships the Black Pig BBQ, now Team Canada BBQ, made an incredible mac n’ cheese burger using a total of five different cheeses.imageWe created the ultimate dish, from a fresh made bun to the perfectly crisp bacon our mac n cheese burger helped rocket the team to a 4th place finish in the Pasta category.


Assembling the Mac ‘N Cheese Burger at the 2013 World Food Championships

This year by sheer coincidence the World Food Championship has designated the theme ingredient in the recipe division as cheese. While we don’t know the specifics to each build we do know that every recipe we submit must include cheese.

Team Canada BBQ is lucky to have access to the best cheese store in Ontario; Cheese Boutique.  Afrim Prestine, a knight in Order of the Confrerie des Chevaliers du Taste Fromage de France, helped to provide us with the 5 winning cheese combination last year and is continuing to give us ideas and tips on cheeses to keep Team Canada BBQ on top in the standings this year in Las Vegas.

While our recipe development is constantly on going, one thing is for sure, we will create some amazing cheese dishes this year at the World Food Championship.

Chef Sean Vodden

Chef Sean Vodden
Sean Vodden is the BBQ Chef for Team Canada BBQ, and one half of Uncle Richie's Hillbilly BBQ. Mixing BBQ with fine dinning is a true passion of Sean's.

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