Kooky Canuck Looks Ahead To Vegas


Shawn Danko at the World Food Championship Vegas 2013 with the Top Ten Finalist medallion

The Dankos are very busy with their latest restaurant venture in Memphis Tennessee getting ready to open up their second Kooky Canuck location in the middle of October.

With the opening of Kooky Canuck Cordova around October 15th it will be less than 4 weeks before the World Food Championship 2014 begins in Las Vegas and the Dankos expect to hit the ground running.

After all of the restaurant opening madness in Memphis the World Food Championship will seem like a vacation.

Looking ahead to the BBQ & Recipe competitions this year the plate is fuller than it has been the last two years however with the addition of some outstanding new Canadian talent Team Canada will answer the challenge.

Shawn Danko

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