Mike Callaghan – Team Canada BBQ Pitmaster

Mike Callaghan – Team Canada’s Pitmaster is no stranger to the International Stage. Receipiant to a multitude of awards as the Black Pig BBQ and as Team Canada we plan on continuing that tradition. On our first time out with the new team, we took 1st Place for BBQ sauce at Memphis in May World Championship Cooking Contest. The best dam  BBQ sauce in the World




Shawn Danko – Kooky Canuck

Shawn Danko is the owner and operator of the Kooky Canuck in Memphis Tennessee. Shawn has shared the stage with Mike at the Jack Daniel’s World Championship , Memphis in May and the World Food Championship. Shawn was instrumental in the formation of Team Canada BBQ and is a founding partner of the team.




Sean Vodden – Trevor Kitchen and Bar

Sean Vodden is the chef du cuisine at Trevor Kitchen and Bar and the team’s star chef. Sean brings his expertise to the team and drives our fine dining experience in both competition and to the guests of Team Canada BBQ at one of our exclusive events.


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